week 2 term 4

My favourite thing this week was doing the rugby 7s practice matches. I have never played rugby before and it was really fun. I am excited about my b-day because I am geting a new bike for bike ed and I am also looking forward to doing bike ed. I am also looking forward to christmas because I am getting a new trampoline.

I am not woried about anything really. I want to know more about graphs because I like doing them they are fun even though they are hard the graphs that we are doing at the moment and I rate my week a 7/10 because it has been ok.

Week 1 term 4

My favourite thing this week was learning to run on my fractured toe. I fractured my toe because I was at the skatepark trying to do a trick out of a ramp and I smashed my deck on my toe. My least favourite thing this week was smashing my toe because it heart heeps. I am looking forward to swimming and bike ed. My goal is to get over 50 tickets in the box. And finally I rate my week a 8/10 because I have been pretty good.👍👍😜

my week 4

My favourite thing this week was getting new scooter bars.

I learnt how to double wip air at the skate park.

my favourite thing that I found out this week was that I’m playing finals for the other under 12s team.

I want to learn more about the first fleet.

I rate this week a 4 out of ten because I have been really sad


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